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Collecting Electrostatic Charge

  1. Mar 23, 2008 #1
    What is the best way to collect electrostatic charge from particles in an airtight system?
    The particles will pass over a collector (that which we are trying to determine), discharge and be circulated away.
    I'm just not exactly sure what to use.

    It will either be just plain air,
    or possibly a more dense gas.

    If you need further info, I'll try to get that to you.

    Perhaps something electromagnetic, but not strong enough to interfere with the flow characteristics of the gas.

    The charge would then be fed into a capacitor(s) and accumulated for use elsewhere in the apparatus.
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    The best example for electrostatic charge collection & distribution is vandegraaff generator. in this actually charges are not stored it is transfered to the air and it is mainly deals with sharp points. good example of static collectors is needle pointed copper combs. study about vandegraaff generator this may help you.
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    Actually, this project is designed around a Van De Graaf Generator.
    But the generator relies on the brushes contact to the belt.
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    I am not getting exact requirement of yours, i hope you know that charge density at the sharp points are more, that is why we use sharp points to collect charges for example Lightning arresters.
    If you have a medium that has a static charge (we will assume it as air). i don't know exactly but i think you can also increase collection of charges by applying little pressure to the medium (you can read Paschen’s Law and “The “Paschen Curve” for this detail).
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    What applications could this be used for?
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