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Homework Help: College Physics Problem Genesis Mission

  1. Mar 3, 2012 #1
    Physics Question

    When the 210-Kg Genesis Mission Capsule Crashed with a speed of 311 Km/h, it buried itself 81.0 cm deep in the desert floor.
    Assuming constant acceleration during the crash, at what average rate did the capsule do work on the desert?

    Given: m = 210 kg Find W =?

    vo = 311 km /h = 86.4 m/s

    x = 81.0 cm = 0.81 m

    I know the following equation: W = F*d = m * a *d

    *Note: I am stuck on this Solving this type of Physics Problem, could somebody please provide me some insight on how to calculate this problem. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.
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    Try adding v2=v20+2aΔx to your arsenal and attack it again ...
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