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Colliding stars

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    Are there any known examples of colliding stars? has the phenomena ever been observed?

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    Star collisions are extraordinarily rare [space is really big]. The most common of such events is called an inspiralling binary system, which takes a very long time to occur.
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    Vanadium 50

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    You also have a phenomenon call "blue stragglers" in clusters.

    Note that "collision" is really only a special case of "mass transfer", which we see all the time.
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    I like to call it "Head-On Mass Transfer". Remember to buckle up.
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    Globular cluster stars are more likely to mass-transfer that way.
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    Has anyone ever modeled a stellar collision between stars of reasonably close mass
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    Gamma-ray bursts, a great high-energy flashes observed every day in the sky, are thought to be the pruducts of collision between two neutron stars. It is not a head-on collision (due to a very low probability of such an interaction), but it is a hot topic in astrophysics now.

    Here's a great introductory video about it. Not very relevant to head-on stuff, but hey, we all love big explosions, right?

    Edit: LVP_man, there are simulations in that link, and I'd guess the stars are of equal mass.
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    That was a very interesting video, amazing it took six weeks of computing time to create the simulation of the merger event between two neutron stars
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    wow that was an amazing clip...
    i presume the neutron stars would be revolving around each other at almost relativistic speeds..
    what a thought.....
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