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Homework Help: Combination of translation and rotational motion

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    A beginning bowler throws a bowling ball of mass M and radius R=11 cm down the lane with initial speed v0=8.5 m/sec.The ball is thrown in such a way that it skids for a certain distance before it starts to roll.It is not rotating at all when it first hits the lane,its motion being pure translational.The coefficient of kinetic friction between the ball and the lane is 0.21.
    a)For what length of time does the ball skid?(Hint:As the ball skids,its speed v decreases and angular speed w increases until skidding ceases and rolling begins)
    b)How far the lane does it skid?
    c)How many revolutions it makes before it starts to roll?
    d)How fast is it moving when it starts to roll?
    e)Does the answer to "d" depend upon M,R,v0?Explain.
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    Could you post your attempts at the question first. It is the policy of this forum that some attempt must be made before we can help.
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    This page might be of help.


    What is the relationship between the translational velocity of the ball and the linear velocity at the surface of the rotating ball for zero slip?
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