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Come on here?please

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    Miss. Lolitta says:

    Hello everybody here :smile:

    Can someone give me a complete lecture-that has introduction & examples and explaining-for

    "the open mapping theorem" and "the closed range theorem"

    actually I read some books about this theorem but they weren't clear for me:bugeye:

    please,help me to figure out this theorem..

    Thanks in advance
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    I'm not familiar with the theorems, but I can give a few definitions:

    f is an open mapping if for all open sets O in the domain, f(O) is open in the range. In other words, f maps open sets to open sets.

    f is a closed mapping if for all closed sets C in the domain, f(C) is closed in the range. In other words, f maps closed sets to closed sets.

    I'm not sure what theorems you are talking about.
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    thanks sooooooo much
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