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Communication via Quantum Entanglement

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    I'm just trying to figure out, theoretically, how this would be possible:

    What type of particles would cause this to be possible and how exactly would they be linked if, in a metaphorical situation, two minds were able to communicate via quantum entanglement?

    I just want to know the particles that would be involved, in what way they would be linked, and how the communication would occur over this connection.

    I just basically want to know the theory behind this.
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    Ken G

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    There is no theory behind entanglement that allows for it to be used for communication. If you are only privy to one part of the entangled system, all you can know is that it is entangled, you cannot know anything about what happens to the entangled part unless someone tells you.

    Perhaps you are thinking about entanglement in encrypted communication-- there you can tell if someone has intercepted the communication, but you still can't use the entanglement to communicate.
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