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Comparison between aluminium and stainless steel

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    I am looking for a paragraph on each metal on the comparison of aluminium and stainless steel under the heading:

    Manufacturing Methods: What processes are available to turn the raw material into products and how do the processing methods differ?

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    Hope I understand question right.

    IE welding.
    Both aluminium and stainless steel has to be welded in inert gas.
    Difference is, that Al should be welded in AC arc for cathode sputtering of oxide film.
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    One may wish to look at aluminum refining or aluminum production and steel making (or steelmaking) to see how different they are.

    For example, http://www.metsoc.org/virtualtour/processes/aluminum.asp
    or http://chemed.chem.wisc.edu/chempaths/GenChem-Textbook/Aluminum-Production-992.html
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