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Compiling multiple paged java project

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    i have been learnin java for about two weeks. i have gone through simple programin and some other programs includin GUI through swing. till that i was working with single form programs that can be compiled by using "javac" and executed by "java" syntax.now to try better i downloaded a java project. the project seemed to have multiple forms or pages. each having different code for diffferent funtionality. now the problem is that iam not getting whether i have to compile all of them one by one or one of the root form. what if the .class file for every .java file is available...i mean all the java files have been compiled? how would the program actually run...iam stuck and cantt proceed,,,please help me aut...
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    I think now would be a good time to get an IDE like NetBeans, Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA
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    Is it something like the dreamweaver? from which site can i get free access to eclipse? What wud b d nex step. .d qstion remainz d sam?
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