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Complex 2 variables and 2 unknown abstract question

  1. May 3, 2015 #1
    The overall question is on non steady fluid mechanics however the part on stuck on boils down to the two equations below, which I am unable to solve.

    X = 122.3 (2 - Y)

    Y= 0.18 * SQRT( 100 + X )

    the text states the equations are satisfied by Y = 1.903 and X = 11.82.

    To prove this isn't a homework I will upload a picture of the solution given.


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    It is still like a homework question.

    If you solve the first equation for Y, square both equations and set them equal, you get a quadratic equation for X. Solving this gives the solutions for Y afterwards.
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    The page its from is actually a question solution however they didn't explain how to solve that particle part.

    I did as you said earlier, however, the b^2-4ac section came out negative so I was unsure I was going in the right direction.

    Anyone able to advise?

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    Then you have a calculation error somewhere, as the approach works.
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