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Insights Complex and Irrational Exponents for the Layman - Comments

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    Congratulations on a fine Insights post. Very nice. :smile:
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    Thank you very much :smile:.
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    Very good.

    What's a compliment worth without a nitpick or two:
    I would specify in "Unless x is a multiple of π/2, you will get a combination of imaginary and real numbers." that it must be an integer multiple of π/2.

    I took me some time to more or less get what you were saying here:
    "You can also have real and imaginary exponents at the same time. If you think about the unit circle, to raise e it to a real exponent x, means you stretch or compress it by x, and you do that x times. After that, you stretch it by e and you then apply the imaginary exponents."
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    If I knew how to make and add in an animation of this, it would have probably made that section of the article more understandable.
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    Way up ahead! Brilliant, Isaac!
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