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Computer controlled machine/robot?

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    I'm just curious, I'm a sophomore in ME so I haven't gotten a chance to touch robotics/control yet (these classes are set in junior year and above), but I would like to start early. Are there any books/websites I should read if I'm into this field? I've done some search and came up with "Society of Robots" although I don't know how professional it is. I'm also interested in the possibility of using computers to control these machines (like pressing a button or sending a command from the computer, and making the robot move). Where should I start?
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    Hmm, interesting. But its way over budget to get a set for myself lol!!
    I was thinking of making a robot/machine thingy by buying my own microcontrollers and sensors and stuff.
    The lego thing is interesting, but again, over budget for me.
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