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Concerting 0.1" pitch header pins to 0.150"

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    I made a mistake on a PCB I designed, and have a set of through holes that are spaced 0.150" apart, when the component I want to put into it has a pin-pin spacing of 0.1". Does anyone know of a simple adapter that could go between these two sizes? I'm looking to avoid the time consuming task of running 16 individual wires.

    I looked around on Digkey, and couldn't see anything for this.
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    That is not a common transform. How many rows and pins on the device.
    For small quantities: Wire wrap sockets are still available. Splay the pins.
    For large quantities: Make a small adapter for the IC to the PCB.
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    Alternatively; Cut a rectangle of perforated veroboard with 0.1” pitch strips.
    The number of strips width will fit the 0.1” IC, the length of the rectangle being 1.118 times longer.
    Cut the rectangle into two triangles and you have an 0.1” to 0.15” diagonal pitch converter.
    The right angle triangle adapter will naturally have an angle of 42°, being the answer to the universe and everything.
    You can mount the IC at that angle off the PCB or rotate it by that angle on the plane of the PCB.
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    Thanks for the sugestions. It is two rows of 8 pins. I like your veroboard trick.
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