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Confidence Intervals

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    Hello. I am teaching myself statistics and my question is about confidence intervals. I understand that I can accept or reject a null hypothesis based on comparing my p values to the significance value (say .05)
    But how do i accept or reject a null hypothesis based SOLELY on
    a given confidence intervals say -12 to 1.4?

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    Say you have a confidence interval of 99% confidence, and the range is (-12, 1.4). If you have a number that lies outside of that range (let's say 1.9), then you can reject [itex]H_0[/itex] (and accept [itex]H_a[/itex]) at [itex]\alpha = .01[/itex]. If the number does lie inside that range (let's say -3), then you accept [itex]H_0[/itex] (and reject [itex]H_a[/itex]).
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    Hi. Thanks for your reply. That is the problem. A colleaugue of mine told me that you can accept or reject the null hypothesis solely given the confidence interval without being given the actual data or significance level (99%, 95%)
    Is he right?
    if so how?

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    a confidence level always has a significance level associated with it, so no.
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    Confidence level = 1 - significance level
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