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Confused by Maple

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    I was set the problem to differentiate the following streamfunction in order to find its x and y velocities:


    Being the lazy sort I am, I called in Maple.

    dpsi/dx worked out perfectly (in that I got the same answer by hand)

    dpsi/dy, however, threw up the following:


    the last term D(k)... makes no sense to me. How can differentiating introduce a new variable?

    I know I'm probably being a moron, and I'm certainly no expert in using maple, but anyone who can shine a light in my general direction would be muchly appreciated.
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    George Jones

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    Should be k*(y-v*t). Maple has to be told explicitly about multiplication.

    Maple applied the chain rule. It interpreted the brackets as saying that k is a function evaluated at argument y-v*t.
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    That makes perfect sense. Thank you.
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