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B Conservation of momentum and Moment of Inertia

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm needing help understanding how to take the conservation of momentum equation and substitute moment of inertia inplace of mass in the equation. I understand this is a linear equation and i'm trying to incorporate angular momentum. I just want to determine the speed of the ball and bat swing using the moi of the baseball bat. Can someone help me get started? Thanks --Roy
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    Hello Roy, :welcome:

    You could start off by stating a clear case to begin with. Not clear at all what you are looking at: 'the equation' is mentioned but reader has no idea. Cold you be a bit more elaborate ?
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    Sweet. Thanks for the direction.
    If you read in my introduction thread I'm ready to learn and teach myself but I just need some direction. I'm not looking for you guys/gals to do this for me. Thanks again. Any help is appreciated.
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