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Conservation of Momentum/Linear Momentum

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A man (weighing 915 N) stands on a long railroad flatcar (weighing 2805 N) as it rolls at 18.0 m/s in the positive direction of an x axis, with negligible friction. Then the man runs along the flatcar in the negative x direction at 40.00 m/s relative to the flatcar. What is the resulting increase in the speed of the flatcar?

    2. Relevant equations

    Pi = Pf

    3. The attempt at a solution

    v=-1.3 m/s

    But this is the wrong answer...what am I doing wrong???
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    firstly, weights were given in Newton already, no needs to add an extra "g". secondly, if you do want to use momentum (somehow), you want the "mass" of the objects.
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    usually i get ma equations in variables n thn substitute the values.........suppose the man moves at a speed w towards left and the platform recoils at a speed V towards right...hence the speed of the man relative to the platform is V+w=v...or w= v-V....
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    taking the man n the platform to b inna system, there is no external horizontal force on the system, the linear momentum remians constant. thus
    (M+m)18 = MV- mv...now solve n check
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    sorry, the eqn above shud hav been (M+m)18 = MV- mw
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    ooookay...the catch is , it will recoil wit V+18 and not just V....ill just try n let u know
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    If You look at what I posted above that is the equation that I used and it did not work...(M+m)18=M(v+18)+m(v+18) and it did not give me the right answer.
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