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Contextuality and Non-Locality

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    Every state that is contextual is nonlocal.

    ...and the inverse, is every state that is nonlocal is contextual ?
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    Not true. For example, spin of a single particle is contextual, but not nonlocal.
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    talking about entanglement.

    the question is really for the second proposition (vinculated), the first is assumed from the beggining.

    ..that every state that is contextual with respect to the defined test of contextuality is nonlocal as per the CHSH test, but the converse is not true..

    non locality like a form of contextuality.
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    mutually agree.
    contextuality is broader, subsumes nonlocality.
    same thing in quantum information (nonlocality is a generic feature of non-signaling).

    Existence of two spin-1/2 states that are non-local yet non-contextual.
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