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Homework Help: Continuety of sum of functions

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    A.does f(x) +g(x) continues in X0 when
    f(x) continues in X0 but g(x) doesnt?

    B.does f(x) +g(x) continues in X0 when both
    f(x) and g(x) are not continues in X0?

    prove and give exmple to support your answer

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    If you're uncertain whether or not each function is continuous, try to constuct a counter example satisying the initial premises. After that, prove whatever result you obtained.
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    For b) consider functions that have discont. but for example sum to be some constant.
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    i dont know how to prove such things
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    Are you sure you are supposed to prove them? b) is false using the example I gave so come up with a counterexample using the logic that I told you
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