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Convert 110 house current to 12 v.

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    I have a super winch 12 volt LP 8500 that I want to use using an inverter from my household current. The motor is 12volt 4.5 hp 3.3 kw.
    I have tried to use a battery with my battery charger but the battery does not hold enough charge without have a vehicle that has an alternator.
    Is there a good inverter that would allow me to use this winch without having to use a truck.

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    3.3kW is 30 Amps at 110Vrms. That's near the limit for a house branch circuit...
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    ....and 275 amps at 12V!! I'm not sure there is an easy way to continuously power this from a household circuit, but if you are only trying to run it a few minutes at a time, a bank of car batteries with a big charger would let you use it a few hours a day. Here's a 90 A charger: http://www.batterystuff.com/battery-chargers/brands/iota/IOTA-DLS1290.html

    Perhaps you could wire 3 of them in parallel?
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