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Converting units for Mass Estimates of Astronomical bodies

  1. Feb 28, 2010 #1
    I'm new so I hope I've posted in the right place
    One quickie please, if anyone can help me :-)
    I hope to get my mass estimates in units of h70-1 x 10{blah} Msun

    However! I have found some values in units of just x10{blah} Msun (*)
    Where they have used h50 in their calculations....

    In order to convert it, should I divide my mass estimate (*) by this h50 (so by '50' ) to get the units of h50 -1, then convert it from there into h70?

    I'm asking because after I perform that calculation, the masses are significantly smaller than the values which are already quoted in units of h70-1 x 10{blah} Msun

    Any help or guidance would be super appreciated! I'm quite baffled as to where I am going wrong :S
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