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Cool DC motors for electric vehicles

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    Ivan Seeking

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    There seems to be quite a dramatic price range for high power DC motors, and I was thrilled to find this link while searching for solutions for a work application. The prices blew me away when compared to those found at the standard motor suppliers.

    These are sweeeeeeeeet!!!

    I talked with the supplier who told me that he and his buddy made the Wall Street Journal today [I think he even said it was the front page].
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    Well, there's another one for the 'bookmarks' bar. Thanks, Ivan.
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    Thank you for that link Ivan! This (EV's) is my main field of interest in tech, and the purchase price of the vehicle (or the price of building one myself) is a major factor. I recently calculated the cost for fuel to be 1/5 what I'm paying for gas, and figured that if the vehicle cost $10,000 more than an ICE, I'd make my money back before the car was paid off (5 yrs), assuming I drive about 1,500 mi/month. Knowing that motors are available at these prices is a great help.
    (Of course, the price of the Capacitor will be the main thing, but still, this helps)
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