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Homework Help: Coordinate help please

  1. Nov 26, 2006 #1
    coordinate help please :)

    Hi i just got my home work but dont know where to start. Any help on this just to get me started would be great:) I want to make sure im doing it right

    Thank you

    Work out the coordinates where this line meets this plane.

    Line x = -4 t + 4, y = -4 t + 6, z = 5 t + 5 and plane 4 x - 2 y + 6 z = 78.
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    Plug your expressions for x,y,z into the plane definition. You now have an equation (linear) for t. Solve for t and plug it into your x,y,z definitions for the line.
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    hey thank you for replying i will give that a go :)
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