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B Could the opacity of a material to one band of EM radiation be altered by X-ray illumination?

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    Could the opacity of a material to one band of EM radiation (light) could be altered by irradiating the material with another band of EM radiation (X rays)?
    I think you are suggesting that:
    By raising the electrons in the atoms to higher energy bands (with the X rays), so that they will no longer be in energy bands amenable to absorption of light wavelengths, the opacity of the material to light waves might be altered.
    If it can then this means you could make human tissue 20% , or more transparent.
    Like in the human brain, almost like looking through murky water, and you could cure Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease in the brain if you could make transmission through the brain like glass in slices, or segments.
    Studying neuroscience right now.
    Thank you for your answer, anything helps even a few word
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    Mark Harder

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    For some reason, I can see only the ending paragraphs of what appears to be Lee's answer to his own question. It looks like a good answer, but where's the rest of this thread??
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    I'm not sure if there was more to the thread.
    Yes, at radiation levels that are immediately lethal to humans, and vaporize the whole material.
    Free electrons scatter x-rays as well.
    Where does that number 20% come from and what does it mean?
    Hard x-rays can make it through thinner parts of the human body to more than 20% without any additional x-rays.
    Please give a reference for that claim.

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