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Could you help me?

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    Dear every one,

    I'm studying on micromagnetics problem using Brown's equation for static solving case, this equation derived from minimization of energy and it allows us to obtain a hysteresis loop of a magnetic material.

    All of my documents only say that from Brown's equation, we can calculate the hysteresis curve but don't show how to obtain the curve in detail.

    Could you explain, introduce or give me some documents about how to calculate the hysteresis loop from Brown's equation? Thank you very much.

    My email address is chethapcamhnvn@yahoo.com
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    Have you read Giorgio Bertotti's book, "Hysteresis in Magnetism" ? See if you can find it in the nearest university library.

    The basic idea, if I'm not mistaken, is that you start with the free energy U(X,Ha) and look for local minima that correspond to metastable states. The minimizaton must be carried out over the large phase-space consisting of all possible magnetization configurations - which is what makes the whole calculation quite challenging. Brown's Equations give you the minimization condition for a given configuration.
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    You are right but I haven't read Giorgio Bertotti's book, "Hysteresis in Magnetism" yet. It's very difficult for me to have the book because I'm in VietNam now , what a pity! A question that I'm concentrating on is how to use Brown's equation to solve the problem.
    Thank you very much in any way.
    Mr chethapcamhnvn.
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