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Homework Help: Counter and comparator circuits connected

  1. Jan 16, 2014 #1
    Hi all, I need serious help here. I have to build two types of circuits as shown in the attached. The second one shows the circuit when the comparator's output is returned to the CLP. The IC's used here are IC 85 and IC 393 and the prototyping board used here is NI ELVIS 2. I think I have connected the pins right but the waveforms I got look so weird! I am required to get the results as in the last picture for the first circuit. In the second one, I am supposed to show that the counters are cleared. Please tell me what to do to correct this. Please do check my circuit. I have looked hard and I don't see anything missing.

    Here are my results, I only did for N=6, though.
    circuit 1:



    circuit 2:



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    You don't seriously think anyone will be able to just look at pictures of your breadboards and figure out what the problem is, do you?
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    I just uploaded my result. Can you see them?
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