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News Creationalism In Louisiana, please help.

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    http://richarddawkins.net/article,2736,We-Urgently-Need-Your-Help-Now,Barbara-Forrest-and-Louisiana-Coalition-for-Science [Broken]

    Please write an email to the governor, as a student in Louisiana, I fear that my high school diploma will be laughed at when I go to collage.

    It doesn't matter if you live out of state or even out of country.
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    How can you talk about precedence? It's Louisiana where civil law is the standard, you guys have no precedence, it's almost like Europe.
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    It's not that bad, just when stuff like this comes up, and then you really really have to fight it.
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    Change your system. Here in Texas local school boards set cirriculum standards not Austin because these things are founded upon precedence.
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    Wasn't this already addressed by the law?

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    Basically, yes it was. What essentially happened though, is creationism changed its name to intelligent design, and presented its self in the Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District case as a whole new theory. Interestingly enough, one of the reasons it was found out was because of errors in the text books they were presenting. The text books actually had copy and pasting errors where parts of the words of creationism and words associated with it were only halfway deleted with new "intelligent design" words pasted in.

    It's quite interesting if you can find the full video on the case. I think it was eventually ruled out because of the case you mentioned and was established as creationism in new silk. Also the funny thing is that once this was established in court, the intelligent design people started using the words interchangeably.
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    A link to the Senate Bill can be found here: http://www.ncseweb.org/resources/news/2008/LA/396_louisiana_antievolution_bill_p_4_29_2008.asp [Broken]
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    Teaching the "weaknesses" of evolutionary theory in schools... ?

    I came across this article today and was, quite frankly, utterly amazed!


    The article goes on to reveal that the chair of the state education board, along with six other members of the 15 strong board are creationists. Furthermore, the chair is one of these "young earth" creationists. This quote sums it up for me:

    Why should someone who's scientific views are quite clearly clouded by religion be allowed to make decisions that will influence what children learn about science? Does this education board not believe in seeking expert advice, rather than deciding things that they know nothing about, themselves?

    [Edit: I've merged this with another thread on the topic]
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    I'm all for teaching strengths and weaknesses. I can see it now:

    Evolution weaknesses: Doesn't explain how life began.*

    *It doesn't attempt to, though...

    And then you have

    Intelligent design weaknesses: It's not science.

    Or just a huge list explaining the flaws.
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    http://legis.state.la.us/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=498719" [Broken] is the link to the legislature page withthe actual text of the act.
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    I doubt you will have to worry about your diploma being laughed at. If you can demonstrate that you have sound understanding of the theories of evolution, you aren't going to be blacklisted from going to a college of your choosing. I personally know a young woman who was homeschooled by the wife of a church pastor who recieved a full ride scholarship to Harvard. Your fears are unwarranted.
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    I would tend to agree with you but you never know. I worked at an acredited college where the majority of the credits they awarded were not honoured by more than a handful of colleges in the entire country. And those were probably mostly the ones owned by the same corporation.
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