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Cross-platform GUI

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    I'm thinking about writing a GUI program (a wrapper to multithread loops and automate tasks) and I was wondering if there was a way to do this in a compatible way across Windows and Linux. You see, I'm running XP at home now but I think I may convert to Xubuntu in the near future. Should I just resign myself to coding this twice, or is there a way to do what I want?
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    Plenty of ways. wxWidgets, Qt, Tkinter, Gtk+, and so on. If Python is sufficient to act as a wrapper for your code, Tkinter would probably be the quickest way of doing things in a very portable manner (although it won't look beautiful).
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    In addition to shoehorn's suggestions, I would like to suggest Java and it's SWING interface.
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    I'll look into Tkinter, thanks.
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    Qt is pretty easy to use and includes a crossplatform threading library, unfortunately you must either GPL your code or pay for a development license.
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    WxWidgets allow you to use it for both GPL and commercial usage for free.
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