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B Curious X rays

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    Has any one an idea where these X rays come from?


    From Science daily,

    Space is filled with types of light we can't see -- from infrared signals released by hot stars and galaxies, to the cosmic microwave background. Some of this invisible light that fills space takes the form of X-rays, the source of which has been hotly contended over the past few decades. A new study confirms some ideas about where these X-rays come from, shedding light on our solar neighborhood's early history. But it also reveals a new mystery -- an entire group of X-rays that don't come from any known source.
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    I have heard about some particles which can change to photons in a magnetic field such as the earth's magnetic field. For example the particles axioms are theoretical particles that are produced by stars and supernova and when our sun produces them they are converted into X-ray photons in the earth's magnetic field.
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    do you have a reliable source for that please ?
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    I read about this theoretical phenomenon in my A level physics text book, OCR A Level Physics A 2015: Student book 2 (OCR GCE Science 2015).
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    I would hazard to guess the origin of x ray photons in a magnetic field as an example of a mixed state, similar to the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations as discussed here https://profmattstrassler.com/artic...nos/neutrino-types-and-neutrino-oscillations/. Passage through a magnetic field sometimes alters certain particles at certain energy levels and production of x ray photons are one of the consequences.
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