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Current around rotating objects?

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    I'd be thankfull to know if an electromegnetic field is produced around a rotating object(extreamly fast rotations like electrons.)

    It's urgent thankyou,
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    I believe that electromagnetic field is produced around oscillating object. Rotating? I guess not.
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    Hmmm... I'm no expert on the subject, but my thoughts are this:

    a) You can only rotate a physical object so fast before it will break apart, and that rotational speed, regardless of materials/methods used, is far less than the speed of electrons whirling around an atom.

    b) If the object has no "free-electrons" I doubt that rotation of the object would create any EM field.

    c) If the object does have free electrons, I'm not sure that objects rotation would cause any oscillation of the free electrons necessary to generate an EM field.

    Again, I do not know for certain.
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    That's how microwave ovens and radar work, mate.


    (EDIT -- I seem to remember that the mixer oscillator for HP spectrum analyzer oscillators designed in Santa Rosa, CA in the 1980s used the precession of a small metallic sphere somehow, but I'm not able to get any google hits on that at the moment....)
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