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Current Growth due to Magnetic Induction

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    What factors affect the rate of growth of current when an emf is induced in a coil?
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    First things first. Do you know about Faraday's law? And if you do, what do you understand from it?

    It will be nice from now on if you provide MORE background of what you already know, rather than post a question like this and forcing us to figure out what you know after several leading posts. You should already know that this is what we need after more than 200 post on PF.

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    Right. My bad. Yes I do know Faraday's law- rate of change of magnetic flux is the negative of induced emf. So basically, if I increase the rate at which flux through the solenoid increases or decreases, the induced emf is higher. So if you move a magnet towards or away from a solenoid, moving it faster increases the emf induced.The direction of the induced current is such as to oppose the change that produced it- that's Lenz's Law.

    In case you're wondering, I am familiar with calculus. I'll be finishing high school in a couple months so that might also give you a rough idea of what I know.
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