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Current Rating of an AC Generator

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    I'm a bit confused on the term current rating in an ac generator. Is it the one in that I can get in the formula:
    kW= V*I*PF*sqrt(3) ? or the one in kW= V*I*sqrt(3)? The problem is the data that I have is V, PF, kVA only. I can compute the kW using those data but I'm abit confused on those formulas.

    Also, I've read in some books that there are times that if the generator is 3 phase, the formula has a sqrt(3) why is that so?

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    It's the first equation. Naturally that means the power depends on the power factor of the load.
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    So for example I have a 875kVA and a .8 power factor, my kW will then be 700 kW right?

    According to the first equation, If I have a volts of 2400, it will be 700 kW = 2400 * I * .8 *sqrt(3)
    That way I can have the current rating?
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