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I Curved electromagnetic field

  1. Jul 1, 2017 #1
    As far as I know, we can describe the universe as if every bodies uses to follow a straight path in a curved space-time. What kind of role does the electromagnetic field play in all of this? Can we associate a "space-like" field curved by the charge of the particle with it?

    Does the electromagnetic field curve nearby a charge like the space-time curve nearby a mass?
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    hi there
    you have tagged your thread with an I for undergraduate level ... what studies / research have you done so far on this subject
    so that others know where you are at ?
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    Yeah sorry, I haven't chosen the tag quite accurately, maybe it's too simple for undergraduate.
    Actually I haven't done any kind of study on the subject yet, but I'm trying to.

    The question was only my own curiosity.
    If I'm too confused what kind of path would you suggest me to understand?
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    All objects, regardless of their mass, have the same acceleration in a gravitational field. This implies that gravity has to do with the nature of spacetime rather than the properties of the objects themselves i.e. gravity is curved spacetime. Different charges accelerate differently in an electric field (unless the ratio of charge to mass is the same), so it's a different situation.
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