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Cutting metal pipe to make different pitches

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    Hi, we are trying to make different pitches by cutting metal pipes at different frequincies to produce different pitches. We don't know how to determine the length at wich we should cut the pipes. We want to play notes E, D, C, G to play mary had a little lamb. the outer diameter of the pipe is 1 in. Please help us with our project. Thank you :)
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    Pipe organs designers have same need ... here's the math ...


    The math should work for xylophone-like striking (ie windchimes) for shorter lengths

    Inside diameter of pipe must have some effect ... for air supplied resonance, ID should affect wave amplitude. If struck then ID, wall thickness, and material properties all will be factors.

    Musical notes to frequency chart ...

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    No, that won't work. For an organ pipe, the air inside the pipe is vibrating. For normal atmospheric conditions, the most important parameter is the length of the pipe, though the diameter has a small effect. The material of the pipe doesn't affect the pitch.

    For a wind chimes, the actual metal of the pipe is vibrating like a cantilever beam. The frequency depends on the material and the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe, as well as the length.

    There is a lot of information on designing wind chimes here: http://home.fuse.net/engineering/Chimes.htm
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