CV redox peaks and Gamry Potentiometer

I'm using Gamry Potentiometer for taking CV measurements for finding the appropriate voltage values for oxidation/reduction peaks and Echem Analyst for analyzing. CV measurements has performed on liquid electrolyte in order to find if working electrode accept Li ions. My question is about interpreting the results.

How can I interpret if potential difference equal or below 1V has no oxidation or reduction peak (or has only one of them) while potential sweep between -2V to 2V bring good results but if I change it to 1 to -3 no reduction peak again. Moreover, going to negative values has a bad consequences such broke the working electrode. What does it mean going to negative values?

That was my first question, my second question is: Is it possible perform Chronoamperometry measurements (in other word, simulate) by using existing CV measurements via Echem analyst script editor?
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My working electrode is TiO2-Deposited FTO/Glass (thin film). I use LiClO4-PC aqueous solution as an electrolyte. The method is discussed in several papers (doi: 10.1016/0167-2738(86)90214-6). Upon Li+ intercalation due to change in structure TiO2 expected to change a color (from a transparent to grey). However, there is no discernible change in the color that can human eye recognize in my analysis. As a result, I have doubt about the reactions kinetics. So my questions are, as follows.

1) Does seeing a peak in CV curve guarantees that some redox reactions is happening?
2) I've attached a picture of CV curves for various scan rates. Do you agree that it is a quasi reversible system (also discussed in here: [Broken])
3) Since current is proportional to scan rate what is the correct way to calculate inserted charges (Qa and Qc -> Integration in Gamry)

4) After a lot of try, I found going to further from -1.7V broke my working electrode. And also, going to away from +1.9V. Can I consider this, as my limitations?

5) What does max current means in CV measurement? Does changing the value effects the shape of the curve?
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