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A D Branes and Gluon-Quark Interaction.

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    I have been watching Prof Susskind's lectures on String Theory. I am trying to understand a little more about D branes. I am trying to reproduce a basic quark-gluon interaction. I have the following:http://www.firstcoasttutors.com/images/pf.jpg [Broken]

    I think this might describe the right hand side of the Feynman diagram but am not sure. If so, is the incoming side just more or less the green and red arrows inverted. Am I even remotely close here.?
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    Quarks have "flavor" (up, down...) as well as color. In such a model, a quark is a string connecting a flavor brane with a color brane. So you would start e.g. with a string connecting up brane with green brane, and then another connecting up brane with red brane. Then the endpoints on the up brane come into contact, creating one long string that starts on the green brane and ends on the red brane, and which is free to completely detach from the up brane. This string is the green-antired gluon. Finally, for the process to reverse, the gluon string must reattach to the up brane and split in two again.
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    OK thanks. I might try and redraw my image and repost it to make sure I understand.
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