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D slash in latex

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    does anyone knw the code for how to produce the d slash notation in the integration measure for momentum space? Where (d slash)^n X=(d^n)X/((2pi)^n).
    Basically all i want to do is replace the h:
    with a d.
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    http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/info/symbols/comprehensive/symbols-letter.pdf suggests that \slashd does something like that not sure if it's supported or if you need a package (search for slash in that pdf)

    Also check out p.100:

    "The slashed package, although originally designed for producing Feynman
    facilitates the production of arbitrary overlapped symbols. The default behavior
    with \=". For example, \slashed{D} produces \ = D". However, the \declareslashed
    exibility to specify the mathematical context of the composite character
    will be discussed in Section 7.4), the overlapping symbol, horizontal symbolrelative
    units, and the character to be overlapped. Consider, for example,
    moment (\ - I"). This can be declared as follows:
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    thanks for the reply. So now i know that latex imposes to images over each other to produce hbar, with the code \mathchar'26 which corresponds to the 'bar'.
    Now if i can just find the code for the 'slash' in \hslash, then im done.
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