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Dada engine for x86?

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    If you don't know what the Dada engine is, here is a link to the original.

    I am looking for a version of this, or a comparable program (in function and quality), that will run on an x86 machine.

    Actually, I would ideally want to get my hands on a script version that accesses a dictionary (and maybe a set of rules) via a MSSQL or MS Access database.

    But I will take what I can get.
    As long as it is open source, free and runs on x86.

    Any suggestions?
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    Let me clarify.
    One that will run on an x86 system running a Microsoft OS.

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    Open and Free, but you stil use Microsoft Eh.

    There is a linux version. You could compile the code in cygwin under windows. Then you could run a php script or some other language that allows you to get access to your mySQL database. You then write a dada file and run it under cygwin which will output a file. then you read that file and put it into the database or print it on the screen.
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