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Damn centrifugal pump

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    accordin to my last to posts here i found this special pump which has materials designed to carry a high press but the problem now
    i found a pump on the machine is bigger than the one in the manual
    so shall i buy the pump from manual or as the existing pump ?
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    I'd go for the larger pump, obviously. Best value.
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    That's not the case with Centrifugal pumps.

    When you say larger, what do you mean? Check the tags on it. Do you have the curve for your specific pump? These are things that people would need to know to give you advice.

    Vespa, if you have a pump designed for 100 gpm at 80 ft of head, and you use a pump that has a capacity of, say, 500 gpm at 80 ft, then you could potentially damage components, overflow/drain systems, all sorts of stuff can happen.

    Specifically, what is different. Numbers help us help you, as well.
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    Size matters. Apart from that, the question asked was somewhat obscured in unclear words, and unrelated phrases. The better followup-question would be: "What?".
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    i am very sorry for unclear description but the original pump in the manual was
    2.2 kw has q=12m3/hr and H = 20 m
    the new pump they put is 10hp q=20m3/hr and H= 40 m and while its operatin on the machine it gives 25 meter head only not 40
    the sitiuation now is that i have searched for these pumps history and i found out that this first pump was used for 6 years and the other pumps for 4 years
    the main principle in my problem os the maximum op pressure which should be more than 13 bars as u know to make the materials withstand this pressure
    so finally i decided to buy the pump of 2.2 kw
    which will be cheaper and also the pump curve is very good also covering my conditions and i will prevent destroying of any other element in the system
    is it clear now ??
    and am i right in my sellection ??
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