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Decent papers/articles on black holes

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    Any decent papers/articles on black holes, their formation, dynamics, etc?
    Moderate amount of maths and derivations involved would be great!
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    How about the book the Black Hole Wars by Susskind.
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    This is one of my favourite articles on Blackhole measurements. Its very technical however any form of measurement done or theorized on Blackholes is covered in the article.


    The article also covers different types of BH's and some possible methods of detecting whether it has a solid core or singularity. This is the answer the event horizon existance or non existance.

    for more info on that see the recent thread "do Blackholes actually exist" the answer is not as easy to answer as one may beleive.
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    thanks. :D

    i need a little more information about the theory of formation giants->black holes->lifetime
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