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Deleting threads

  1. Apr 14, 2017 #1
    I made a pretty fair amount of effort on a post and it's just been wiped because I didn't EXPLICITLY include the template.

    I'll note that I interpret using a template and including the literal words of it differently. Everything required by the template was satisfied by the post, it just happened that I hadn't included the words that it wanted.

    Can you please state in an obvious manner that there's a script running that will just wipe posts that don't contain the words (even if the post is well written) because it's wasted my time and it's kinda annoying
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    Moved to feedback...mods are discussing.
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    Ha, I can't seem to post in the right section first time >.<

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    We will reopen your thread and I'll add the section headers for you. Next time please keep them. It's handy for helpers who read through many problems a day.
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    Personally, I would acknowledge the fact you did make efforts. However, in general, (personal opinion!) I consider this as disrespectful for it removes the help for readers to quickly access (and eventually re-read) question, given basis and solving strategy. Me, e.g. often use this as a quick reference on whether I'm able to contribute to a problem or not. Removing the template literally forces me to read an entire post, whether it benefits me or the questioner or it doesn't. Ergo, I don't read it at all and do something more meaningful instead.
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    Yeah that makes sense - I'm just saying that literally all that was missing was the headings , everything was outlined. So imo I *did* use the template, but wasn't aware that I had to have the headings in the file.

    And in a message thread with a mod they were pretty vague about whether there was anything actually wrong with the thread other than this, which made it harder to be sure about whether the only thing was that they were missing, or whether there was actually some kind of issue with the actual post.

    I can just include them in future, it's no issue.
  8. Apr 14, 2017 #7
    No worries - i was trying to find out if there was something *other* than this wrong with the post, it seems that this is literally the only thing that was missing. So that's pretty easy for me to include in future.

    So to disrespect the headings :P
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