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Delta Transformers on Wye Distribution System

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    Hopefully this has not already been asked. It would be hard to do a forum search with the right words to find it if it has been already.

    I am wondering if it is ever possible or common place to generate power in a Wye generation scheme and then connect it directly to a transformer with a Delta primary.

    If this is done, what would be the major setbacks.

    Also, how would one MCOV ratings of elbow arrestors at the high side of a transformer?
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    Possible of course.
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    jim hardy

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    That's how our central station main generator is connected to the main stepup transformer. Generator neutral was resistance grounded .

    I dont know anything about the surge arrestors.
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    I found this Addressing Ground Faults on MV Generators from our old friend, http://ecmweb.com/. They address advantages/disadvantages of Low & high impedance grounding and single & multiple point grounding. Then they show an optimal Hybrid grounding solution.


    I Love their site. :approve:
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    Big sync generators (Sn>50 MVA) I know of, are directly grounded (at least that's the practice in my country). However, I know case where a relatively small generator (Sn< 10 MVA) is grounded via quite a large Petersen coil.
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    jim hardy

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    I find that surprising. The reason for the resistor is to limit current to just a few amps should a ground fault develop, so there's not an electrical explosion.
    Our machine was 894MVA at 22kv. Ten amps at 22kv is of course 220KW so the grounding resistor was big as a pickup truck. A relay monitors the voltage across it and trips the unit in case of a ground fault.
    That design pays off - at another plant somebody left a wrench inside the generator. When it fell shorting one terminal to frame the unit tripped on "ground fault" with no damage, just had to go in and retrieve the wrench.
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    Jim, you are right! I rechecked my data and big generators in my country are also impedance-grounded on regular basis. I don't know why but seems I confused generators data with HV power transformers...o:)
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