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Wye or delta, source side power generation and distribution

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    for a three phase power generator, you can have sources in series with inductances in either a wye or delta formation by designing the generator differently. from my understanding, if you choose wye instead of delta, then the power produced will be increaced by a factor of the root of 3

    in addition, if the load is designed so that it is in a delta instead of wye, the power available will again be increaced by a factor of the root of 3

    so why aren't all power distribution systems designed as wye to delta?
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    Firstly the power ratio is 3 (not sqrt3) in each case above, meaning that for given phase voltages and given load resistances the power ratio is actually 9:1 for wye-delta (source-load) over delta-wye.

    However, the above is irrelevant in power distribution. Voltage/impedance considerations are handled by transformer turns ratio and choices of delta versus wye are made for entirely different considerations.
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