What is Wye: Definition and 25 Discussions

The College of St Gregory and St Martin at Wye, more commonly known as Wye College, was an educational institution in the small village of Wye, Kent, England, 60 miles (100 km) east of London in the North Downs area.
Founded in 1447 by John Kempe, the Archbishop of York, as a college for the training of priests, in 1894, the school moved to new premises, and the South Eastern Agricultural College was established in the buildings with Alfred Daniel Hall as principal. In 1898, Wye became a School of Agriculture within the University of London. Until 2005, Wye College was a well-known study and research centre in the fields of rural business and management, biological sciences, and the environment and agriculture. The college was officially closed by its then owner, Imperial College London, in September 2009.
Today, buildings that formerly housed Wye College have been repurposed as the Mind Campus in Withersdane Hall, a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic, and Wye School, a school for children of year seven and up. The main campus and several other buildings have been owned by Telareal Trillium since 2015 who are developing a masterplan involving some new housing.

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  1. Ambience

    Would 2x 5.5" Fans attached to Wye Duct pull efficiently?

    Hello everyone. I'm an idiot and have a question.I want to do something like this: I want to use 2 computer fans (140mm/5.5" and rated @ 82 CFM each) attached to a wye connector to exhaust air. Can it be used in this nature? Usually it's one big fan exhausting from multiple areas. This probably...
  2. Istiak

    Is My Delta to Wye Conversion Calculation Correct?

    I was following these [steps](https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/textbook/direct-current/chpt-10/delta-y-and-y-conversions/). I was calculating resistance for left side circuit. $$R_1=\frac{2 × 2}{2+2+4}=0.5\Omega$$ $$R_2=\frac{2 × 4}{2+2+4}=1\Omega$$ $$R_3=\frac{2 × 4}{2+2+4}=1\Omega$$ Then...
  3. R

    Apply the Delta Wye Transform to a Circuit

    I'm trying to get transform the larger circuit into the smaller one and then from there calculate power. My plan was to do the transform and then use kirchhoffs laws to find the current tofind the power. My work so far: Is the sequence of steps I used valid? I'm not focusing on the calculations...
  4. Frankenstein19

    Equivalent resistance in a Wye formation

    Homework Statement Find the Thévenin resistance for each of the circuits shown by zeroing the sources. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I replaced the current source with an open circuit and I'm left with a wye formation but I don't know how to calculate the equivalent resistance
  5. Marcin H

    Three Phase WYE - DELTA Problem

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Power Triangle and 3-phase equations (listed in my solutions) The Attempt at a Solution Here are the instructor solutions: The instructor solutions just go straight into using equations, but I like to use the power triangle because it is more...
  6. J

    3 Phase Systems in a Wye Configuration

    Hello, I have been going over the above topic and have a question about the neutral point of a balanced wye configuration. Would the line to line voltage remain constant? I am trying to picture two sine waves 120° apart and it's making me think the Va would be reducing as Vb was increasing at...
  7. R

    Power Factor Correction (open leg on a floating wye)

    We had a switch fail to close on the A phase of a floating wye connected capacitor bank. The C phase fuse was found to be bad and was replaced, however the B phase fuse then blew. The bad switch was then found and replaced. After that the system operated normally. The contractor said the...
  8. Aristotle

    Question with 3 Phase Transformers Wye-Delta problem

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Wye: V_Line = sqrt(3) x V_Phase Delta: V_Line = V_Phase The Attempt at a Solution My answer doesn't quite match up with the solutions in the book, and was wondering what I went wrong here? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. R

    Engineering Short Circuiting 1 of 3 coils that are Wye connected

    For this question I'm focusing on part B 1. Homework Statement Three similar coils, connected in star, take a total power of 1.5 kW, at a power factor of 0.2, from a three-phase, 415 V, 60 Hz supply. Calculate: a) the resistance and inductance of each coil; b) the line currents if one of...
  10. Domenico94

    How do you apply the wye delta transformation in complex electrical circuits?

    Homework Statement What can be special cases, in the study of electrical circuits, in which one can not apply wye delta transformation? Can someone graph them in some way? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  11. Julian102

    How to calculate the equivalent resistance using wye delta ?

    Homework Statement https://z-1-scontent-sin1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtf1/v/t34.0-12/12435980_942112312550457_1708451532_n.jpg?oh=b29a5e9b2ff96bbf0e11932d081eb25e&oe=568A9B79 [/B] We need to find the equivalent resistance along A to B ie AB Homework Equations R=(1/R1 + 1/R2+...+1/Rn)^-1 ...
  12. T

    Is the Delta current <30 degrees or not?

    The internet is really nebulous sometimes, I was looking and couldn't find the answer. I know that the line voltage is √3*Vphase<30degrees for a WYE. and that line current = √3*Iphase for a delta connection. But is that line current 30 degrees out of phase to the phase current? As the voltage...
  13. B

    Delta and Wye Elements wired in parallel

    I manufacture heating elements and a customer wired a delta heater in parallel with a wye heater. They claim that this lowers the overall resistance of the delta thus causing this element to draw more amps than what it was designed for. I disagree and do not see how the heater is eternally...
  14. J

    Delta Transformers on Wye Distribution System

    Hopefully this has not already been asked. It would be hard to do a forum search with the right words to find it if it has been already. I am wondering if it is ever possible or common place to generate power in a Wye generation scheme and then connect it directly to a transformer with a...
  15. psparky

    Why do we sometimes choose delta over wye for transformers and generators?

    Speaking of delta and wye transformers and generators, why do we sometimes use one over the other? The WYE's seem easier to ground...but why pick a delta over a wye...or a wye over a delta in certain situations?
  16. P

    How to tell if a transformer is wye or delta

    I'm going through a list of 12 transformers and trying to determine if they are wye or delta. The schematics I have come across are for power engineering and don't go into too much detail other than the following: The transformers step down ~400V 60Hz AC (three-phase) to ~120V 60Hz AC (single...
  17. M

    A balanced wye delta connection

    Homework Statement A balanced delta load having 18ohm resistance and 24 capacitive reactance in series in each phase is supplied through lines each having 1 ohm resistance and 2 ohm inductive reactance. If the line to line voltage at the sending end is 250 V, find the phase current and line...
  18. M

    Question about balanced wye - delta connection

    i am confused on how to find the line currents when there is a line impedance in between the wye source and delta load... is it wrong to directly add the line impedance and the delta load without converting first the delta load to wye...? is there a way that i can find the line currents and...
  19. J

    Resistance of the star (wye) connection

    Does the resistances of each phase in a 3 phase generator add together in the Star (wye)? I read on a windmill site that the Delta connection is typically one third the resistance of the Star. So if i had 3 phases that were .5 ohms each in Delta configuration, would the resistance be 1.5 ohms...
  20. S

    Delta wye connection using 3 small transformers

    I am confused from a couple of diagrams I have about how to correctly wire 3 small transformers to form a delta wye connection. The transformers are labeled as Primary H1 H2, H1 H2, H1 H2 Secondary X2 X1, X2 X1, X2 X1 My question is in all the diagrams I have the Delta connections...
  21. A

    Wye - Delta conversion and Mesh Analysis

    Homework Statement a) Use Y-Δ transformation to simplify the circuit in Figure 2-a to that in Figure 2-b and find the elements and values of Z1, Z2 and Z3 b) Use mesh analysis for the circuit in Fig. 2-b to calculate I1 and I2 Here are the circuits...
  22. C

    Wye or delta, source side power generation and distribution

    for a three phase power generator, you can have sources in series with inductances in either a wye or delta formation by designing the generator differently. from my understanding, if you choose wye instead of delta, then the power produced will be increaced by a factor of the root of 3 in...
  23. T

    Wye 3 phase to single phase distribution woes

    I have a 125amp, 240v three phase circuit feeding a 30 kva UPS through a delta/wye transformer, leaving 208/120v three phase entering my panelboard. I plan to use 50 amp, 3 pole breakers, with a neutral and ground, making 5 wire three phase. My question is: When I bring the 5 wire, three...
  24. M

    Calculate Current in 5-Resistor Wye-Delta Circuit

    calculate the current through circuit which contain 5 resistors,3 of them shape y network thier values are 220 ohm's,330 ohm's,680 ohm's. the other 2 resistors are in parallel with them and they are 1Kohm's. the voltage sourse give 10V.
  25. C

    Wye Delta Impedence Transform Proof?

    I am studying the familiar Wye Delta Impedence transform and can easily prove that R1, R2 and R3 in the Wye configuration are equal to Ra, Rb, and Rc in the Delta configuration according to R1= Ra*Rb/(Ra + Rb +Rc) R2= Ra*Rc/(Ra + Rb + Rc) R3= Rb*Rc/(Ra + Rb + Rc) This proof is fairly...