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Derivation of telegrapher's equations

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    When deriving telegrapher's equations using Kirchhoff current/voltage laws (this equivalent circuit), are the shunt capacitance and shunt conductance in parallel? I assume not, and if not, are they in parallel with the voltages at each corresponding end? I am confused by this; in Pozar's derivations, he assumes the latter when using Kirchhoff current law. I always have trouble determining what is parallel with what, especially in ICs. Can anyone elucidate this for me?
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    Thanks for the derivation although I think my questions are still unanswered. When calculating the losses through the resistor and capacitor, he uses voltage 'u' for both. Is this u(x,t)? Both the capacitor and resistor are at this voltage, so in parallel? What about the voltage at u(x+dc,t)?
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