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Homework Help: Derivative of Fraction using power rule

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    The problem:

    So I'm perfectly fine with finding the derivatives with stuff but I wasn't sure about this one. Would this be 0 because there is a three in the numerator and no x?
    Or would it be 3-1/51-1=3-1=2?
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    Sorry, is that [itex] f(x) = 3 - \frac35 x[/itex] or [itex] f(x) = 3 - \frac3{5x} [/itex]?
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    The derivative of 3 is going to be zero because its a constant.
    Bring the x to the numunator.

    Then you get 3x^-1/5. Apply the power rule
    You get:

    (-1)3x^-1-1/5 = -3x^-2/5

    Now rewrite with postive exponants:

    f'(x)= 3/5x^2
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    Thanks, that was pretty easy!
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    Hi Windowmaker. The point of these forums is to help guide people to the solution, not to do it for them.
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    I aplogize, im new here. I wont make that mistake in the future!
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    No problem. I made that mistake when I was new too. Have fun and enjoy the forums.
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