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I Deriving the properties of Lz

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    I have a question
    Given the function
    LzYilm(θ,ϕ) =mħYilm(θ,ϕ)
    What steps can I take to confirm that
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    you are writing an eigen value equation for the z component of angular momentum operator called Lz
    Ylm are spherical harmonics which are eigen functions of L^2 and Lz
    if L=1 then m can take values +1, 0, -1 so the possible eigen values will be -h bar, 0, hbar

    now you are asking what steps to confirm - then you can write the form of Lz and apply on spherical harmonics with l=1 and see what possible values comes out from eigen value equation.
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    Umm.... how do I go about that?! Please understand am like super new on quantum mechanics
    Please show me :cry::cry:
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