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Detect infrared codes from the remote controller

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    I have in my home an air conditioner and his remote controller that control by IR communication so when I touch one command in the remote controller the led of the remote controller become to flick in one frequency for example 100 flickers per second and this say for example to the air conditioner to up the temperature by 1 degree of celsius and if I touch other button for example to change to cold mode so the led flick in other frequency for example 500 flickers per second, I have the air conditioner remote controller (the sender), the air conditioner (the receiver) and universal remote controller for air conditioners but I don't know the codes )the frequencies of the led for every command) so I want to find it or to discover it so my question is how I can do it?
    Is exist one device that can detect the codes of the remote controller? if yes so I will glad if you can add a website about this
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    I do not think the sender and receiver communicate using the frequency of the "flicker". It most likely uses a protocol like RC5 for TV's. Because this is not a TV or other multimedia device I suspect the airconditioner uses the NEC IR protocol. Unfortunately this protocol is heavily patented and the codes are different for every device.
    I don't know of any devices that can catch and display the code for you. But if you really want to figure out the codes of each command you could take an IR receiver diode and hook this up to an oscilloscope or digital analyzer. This method requires a lot of work though if you don't have the right equipment at hand.
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    I did a google search on IR Remote Receiver Decoder, and got some good hits. Because the "Make" community is gaining popularity, and IR remote control is a part of that movement, there are a lot of tutorials on how to make such links and decode the data. Maybe do the search yourself and see if you find something simple that you can build to figure out the codes...
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