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Detecting signal pattern

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    So I have a signal X, consider it like a signal from an axis of an accelerometer.
    This signal is a simple array:
    X = [ 200.2, 198.1, 197.2, 195.4, ... ]

    The problem I have is that the same movement, imagine a circle or something like that that user does can be done fast or slow (but its the same movement), so I can have the same movement in 20 elements of the array or in 100 elements if it was very slow. Is there any method to convert/compress/transform this signal in a way to have always the same (or similar) wave for the same movement ? I'm new to signal processing and have no idea if there is some method to do that.

    Thank you !
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    If you standardise on a 20 element array, then when you have 100 data values, could you average these in groups of 5 data values, to form 20 processed data values for your array? This may introduce a tiny time lag, but lag could be avoided if undesired.
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