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Homework Help: Determining Frequency Response Using Nodal Analysis

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    I am trying to find the frequency response for the given circuit.


    My instructor recomended using a nodal analysis method. However, while attempting to use the nodal analysis I end up with all my variables equaling zero (Va = 0, Vin = 0 and Vout = 0). Is there something I'm missing or over looking?
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    Your first equation [Va-Vin]/2000 = 0 doesn't make sense to me. However the next two look okay. If you let one of your unknowns be the transfer function (Vo/Vi) and the other unknown = Va, then you have two equations with 2 unknowns. Just solve for the two unknowns (using those two expressions). Upon solving, I don't get Va=Vo=Vi=0. Try it and see what you get.
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