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Nodal is a secretory protein that in humans is encoded by the NODAL gene which is located on chromosome 10q22.1. It belongs to the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) superfamily. Like many other members of this superfamily it is involved in cell differentiation in early embryogenesis, playing a key role in signal transfer from the node, in the anterior primitive streak, to lateral plate mesoderm (LPM).Nodal signaling is important very early in development for mesoderm and endoderm formation and subsequent organization of left-right axial structures. In addition, Nodal seems to have important functions in neural patterning, stem cell maintenance and many other developmental processes, including left/right handedness.

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  1. B

    Help with finding mesh currents and nodal analysis

    Hi there, I have managed to work out the kirchoff's law bit but for the other two bits I just cant get started as I can get my head around it, its due in on monday I dont know why I left it so late!
  2. F

    Engineering Use voltage nodal analysis to solve for the current flowing in this AC circuit

    Hi first time using this forum, I have some homework that I am entirely stuck on, can anyone help me with this question? I understand the placement of nodes, and that I need to convert complex numbers, but apart from that I have no idea what direction that I'm supposed to take in this. I don't...
  3. M

    How to apply divergence free (∇.v=0) in nodal finite element method?

    I know how to apply boundary condition like Dirichlet, Neumann and Robin but i have been struggling to apply divergence free condition for Maxwells or Stokes equations in nodal finite element method. to overcome this difficulties a special element was developed called as edge element but i don't...
  4. Iqish

    Nodal analysis of this circuit with 2 sources and 4 resistors

    Here is the question a. Plot nodes in the problem and indicate how many equations will be obtained. answer: two unknown variables b. Use node analysis. Derive the system of equations for the voltages in the circuit. question: Did I calculate right V_a and V_b? C. Calculate the...
  5. Sphere

    B Nodal Precession: Satellites Orbiting Earth Explained

    Hello, the artificial satellites that orbit the Earth with an orbital inclination greater than 0 are all subject to the nodal precession caused by the equatorial bulge of the Earth at the equator. But what I don't really understand is that at the equator the gravity is a little less strong than...
  6. A

    Engineering How do I solve this circuit using nodal analysis?

    Hello! Consider this circuit Now I am susposed to solve this using nodal analysis. The first step is to "prepare the network" so that I can set up the conductance matrix. Now I've tried it for a bit and was not really able to do it. So I went ahead and looked at the solutions and this is how...
  7. Xiao Xiao

    Electric Circuit Analysis, Nodal Analysis and finding Voltage.

    Summary:: The image shows two circuits, in the first one, using Nodal Analysis we find that V1=4.8V, but in the second circuit V1=10 because using KCL - 10+V1=0. I understand what happened in the first circuit, but I don't understand what happened in the second one, they look the same to me...
  8. jisbon

    Using nodal analysis to solve for current

    Hi all, Managed to get an answer out, but unfortunately, it doesn't correspond with the answer given ( –3.09 A) Would appreciate if one could check out what I did wrongly here: ## V_{1}=2\times 5=10V ## At node 2: ## \dfrac{V_{1}-V_{2}}{2}=12+\dfrac{V_{2}}{1}+\dfrac{V_{2}-V_{3}}{2}## We can...
  9. jisbon

    Engineering Nodal Analysis of this Circuit using the Laplace Transform

    Was just practicing some problems on the Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, and came across this question. I understand I will have to transform to the s domain circuit, which looks something like this: Then doing nodal analysis, I will get the following for the first segement (10/s-V1)/1 =...
  10. ethanh100

    Help with Circuit Nodal Analysis

    Summary: Perform nodal analysis on a circuit to find voltages. For a laboratory I am trying to find the nodal voltages for a circuit we built using hand calculations. I have the answer as we ran the simulation which shows all the nodal voltages, however my nodal analysis seems to be wrong as I...
  11. E

    Solve Vo: Voltage Nodal Analysis w/ KCL Equation

    I'm asked to solve for Vo for this equation. I've set the bottom node to be my reference node before applying nodal analysis. When included in the KCL equation for node at Vb, will the dependent voltage source 20iΔ be negative since the current through that element is leaving node C? Say, the...
  12. IonizingJai

    Nodal Analysis Problem help (Double Supermesh)

    That is, for Supernode -1,3 (12V branch) , we do Nodal Analysis and we have (V2-V3)/2 , over the 2 ohm branch. But this current is not included in the Equation 1 in the solution I have attached(Which is my only source to cross check answers/solution right now.) Is the solution wrong? Thanks...
  13. Electgineer

    Find the power supplied by the 1V source in the circuit using nodal analysis

    My attempt: At node 1 > 4 = 6 + I1 Node 2 > I1 + I2 = I 2 Node 3 > 6 = I 3 + I 4 I1 = (V1 - 4)/21 In node 1, Using the equation for I1, V1 = -38V. I2 = (V1 - 4 - 1)/2 So, I2 = -21.5APower supplied by the 1V battery is P=VI P=-21.5 x 1 P=-21.5W I am not sure of my method, I just started...
  14. M

    Engineering Nodal analysis of an AC circuit

    Homework Statement Hi I have this question as part of my assignment but cannot get my head around part b, I have worked out part a with an answer of -9.2+17.3i amps which from a previous thread I know is correct, but can't understand why the equations given in the previous thread are different...
  15. F

    Nodal Equations: Solving for Unknowns in Circuit Analysis

    Homework Statement [/B] Write the nodal equations Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Could someone check my answer please ?
  16. P

    Engineering Solve this Circuit using both Nodal Analysis and Mesh Analysis

    Homework Statement [/B] Determine, Using the values given in TABLE A, the current I in the circuit of figure 2 by (a) Mesh analysis (b) Nodal analysis Circuit diagram and given variable attached. V1 = 120 V2 = j120 V3 = 14.142+j14.142 Z1= 2 Z2=-J5 Z3=4 Z4=-J5 Z5=J4Homework Equations [/B] KVL...
  17. jdawg

    Heat and Mass Transfer: Nodal Networks

    Homework Statement So this is more of a really vague conceptual question, I'm sorry if it doesn't really make sense. I'm in the stage of learning this where I don't quite understand things well enough to form a proper question. I'm a little bit confused about nodal networks in heat and mass...
  18. F

    Find the current using Nodal Analysis

    Homework Statement Find i using Nodal Analysis. Homework Equations V = I * R The Attempt at a Solution solve (1) , (2) , and (3) to find V1 , V2 ,and V3 V1 = 50/3 = 16.67 V V2 = 80/3 = 26.67 V V3 = 40 V 40 - 80/3 = 5i i = 2.667 A However , the correct answer is 1.522 A .. I don't know...
  19. Arman777

    Optics: deriving Nodal and Principal Points for a thick lens

    Homework Statement I have to derive the Nodal and Principle points distance equations. Homework Equations Equations can be found here http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/ThickLensFormula.html The Attempt at a Solution I have no clue about how to approach this problem. If...
  20. sparkie

    Nodal Voltage Analysis with dependent sources

    Homework Statement All the data is on the sheet. I named the nodes V1 to V4, however I'm primarily evaluating in terms of V3 and V4. The x=V3 and y=V4 are for the systems solving I'm using. I've looked and looked at this problem, and seem to be hung up, but I suspect it is going to be on my...
  21. M

    Confused about choosing current direction in nodal analysis

    Homework Statement The problem states: Determine the voltage labeled v in the following circuit: https://ibb.co/hz0Q37 The variable is the voltage across the 2 ohm resistor. The ground I chose for this example is located in the center of the circuit. Homework Equations V=IR I guess. The...
  22. W

    Problem involving Source Transformation and Nodal Analysis

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have attempted and completed all questions. However, I am now trying part (b) with transforming the voltage source into a current source. I am unable to work out the current and I am unsure what to do next. I have included my...
  23. N

    Nodal analysis- Current directions for KCL

    In node analysis, after labeling the nodes. I don't know how to choose currents direction to apply KCL. it seems too complicated.. and I end up every time getting different answers the the solution sheet. I've an exam tomorrow. would be much appreciated if you could help me better understand the...
  24. M

    What alternative methods can be used for solving nodal analysis equations?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations using nodal analysis The Attempt at a Solution https://imgur.com/a/UNEDH the excel sheet is the matrix i set up then used cramer's rule. I think i got the method down but i just can't find the error so hopefully i overlooked something. The equation i...
  25. marsupial

    Nodal Analysis with Dependent Voltage Source

    Homework Statement Here is a diagram of the circuit and my redrawing with currents drawn: We are to find the power delivered by the dependent voltage source. I found a solution online, but I am not sure why they had the KCL line as: $$ \frac{v_1 - 160} {10} + \frac{v_1} {100} + \frac{v_1...
  26. TheBigDig

    Using Nodal Analysis to determine current in a resistor

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ##V = IR## ##\sum_{k = 0}^{n} I_k = 0## The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I set the bottom node as the reference node and worked from there to find the three equations for the loop. When I try to eliminate ##I_4## by using ##I_4 = I_2 - I_3## I run into...
  27. F

    A About the nodal line in defining Euler angles

    I hope someone can explain this to me. In the definition of Euler angles, the body-fixed-azimuthal angel γ is measured from the nodal line that defines the intersection of the body-fixed-XY plane and the space fixed-xy plane to the body-fixed-Y axis. This is the green line in this image from...
  28. TheBigDig

    Calculating Node Voltage using Nodal Analysis

    1. Homework Statement The circuit is driven by a voltage source, Vs(t)= 8.2 cos(1.8 t − 0.25 )V . The circuit elements are given as follows. G1= 5 S,G2= 7.6 S,G3=3.8 S (Gi is the conductance of corresponding resistor Ri) L1= 20 H,C1= 5×10−2 F If we select Node 4 as the reference node...
  29. D

    How to solve a nodal analysis homework question?

    Homework Statement This particular question has been raised in past posts and I have studied those posts but unable to take anything from them. Basically the question comprises 2 parts. Part A requires us to find the current through "I" using mesh analysis. By studying some of the posts on...
  30. sammyqw

    Discovering Vc(0) using Nodal Analysis - Check out my Solution!

    Homework Statement Find Vc(0) Homework Equations Nodal analysis The Attempt at a Solution
  31. E

    Solving for Vo: Nodal Analysis Approach

    Homework Statement Determine the output voltage Vo(t) in terms of Vs Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution If I were to use Nodal Analysis to solve this, would these be the proper nodal equations?\frac{V1}{-j1.6} + \frac{V1-Vs}{175} = 0 \frac{V_{I2}-Vo}{10k} + \frac{V_{I2}}{1k} = 0
  32. E

    Solving a Nodal Analysis: Find Va(t)

    Homework Statement Find Va(t) using Nodal Analysis: Homework Equations Zc = 1/(jwC) Zl = jw*L The Attempt at a Solution W = 250 Z36mH = j9 ohm Z80mH = j20 ohm Z0.25mF = -j16 ohm (is capacitor impedance always negative? It says so in my instructor's notes but I forgot why) 20cos(250t) ->...
  33. E

    Nodal Analysis Help: Solving System of Equations

    Homework Statement Attempted Solution: For my two nodal equations, I got: 40j + 20 - 12Va*j + 2Vb *j +4Va - 4Vb = 0 and 2Vb - 2Va - 6Vb*j - 4Va*j-10-20j Are these right? How do I solve this system of equations?
  34. N

    Mesh and nodal analysis don't quite match, but why?

    Homework Statement [/B] Find I by mesh and nodal analysis Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution ##V_{10}## is defined at the junction of ##Z_1##, ##Z_2## and ##Z_4##. ##V_{20}## is defined at the junction of ##Z_2##, ##Z_3## and ##Z_5##. ##0V## is defined at the junction of ##V_1##...
  35. Marcin H

    What is the correct way to use the node voltage method in circuit analysis?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Node Voltage Method V=IR The Attempt at a Solution So I am very confused about the node voltage method. For this example, the first equation makes sense to me. Current in equals current out. 6A in and then the rest makes sense. Is this how you do...
  36. SteliosVas

    Engineering Nodal Analysis of a combo circuit

    Homework Statement Attached is a image of the circuit that I am attempting to analyze:Homework Equations KCL The Attempt at a Solution So I know I should assign a place in the circuit where I should preform KCL after selecting a reference point. I selected the reference point as the 2ohm...
  37. goonking

    Exploring the Role of Batteries in Nodal Analysis

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution If I take KCL at node V1 (I'm assuming current traveling from nodeV2 to node V1) Current in = Current out V2 - 2volts / 2 ohms = V1 / 8 ohms so my question is, how does the battery (2 volts in this case) play a role in nodal...
  38. M

    Method of succesive smoothing in triangular geomtery

    Dear all I want to know a formula in order to calculate corner point flux using surface and volume averaged fluxes in triangular geometry. I studied some papers from Finneman and et. al., but I could not find the necessary formula. I have attached a file about my quastion. Thank you
  39. T

    Confused about solving RC circuits with nodal analysis

    Problem is in the picture below. The problem is already solved, but I am confused as to why C(dv/dt) is positive and not negative, since the current is coming out of the capacitor and towards the point v(t), which is not away from v(t) like the solution shows. But if I solve the problem with...
  40. D

    Nodal Analysis: Understanding KCL and Node Subtraction in Circuit Problems

    While performing nodal analysis problems, I am always unsure of which node gets subtracted from during KCL. For example, if I have (V1-V2)/2k, how do I know that it shouldn't be (V2-V1)/2k?
  41. D

    Nodal and Mesh mismatch...where am I going wrong

    Given the circuit diagram above, I am interested in finding the current ia. Using mesh analysis, I determined it to be 1.71mA, but nodal analysis results in a value of 2.25mA. Solution attempts provided below. I think the issue is in my nodal analysis approach. Mesh Analysis..I1 is the left...
  42. M

    Determine the change in path length

    Homework Statement A ripple tank is setup and a point selected on the second nodal line. determine the change in path length from two wave sources if they are in phase and separated by 2cm and the wave length is 5cm Homework Equations not really sure of what equations to use? The Attempt at a...
  43. S

    Determining the number of antinodal and nodal lines

    Homework Statement For two coherent sources vibrating in phase separated by 4.5(lambda), what are the numbers of antinodal and nodal lines? Homework Equations No. of nodal lines equals twice the floor function of separation over wavelength. The Attempt at a Solution No. of antinodal lines=...
  44. F

    A What is the cause of lunar nodal and apsidal precession?

    Over the last year or so I've been doing quite a bit of reading trying to find out what is actually causing lunar nodal precession. There seems to be a lot of handwaving but no definitive answer, which I find rather odd. Maybe I've just not found the right source. Google seems obsessed with...
  45. Martin V.

    Find voltage using nodal analysis

    Homework Statement Assignment: Find V_2 using Nodal Analysis Homework Equations KCL U=R*I The Attempt at a Solution - Chosen reference node - Assigned node voltages - Applied KCL to each non-reference node - Solve system of equation - Checked equations for obvious errors See circuit drawing...
  46. T

    Nodal analysis with dependent voltage source

    Homework Statement In attached image. Just curious as to how their nodal analysis is correct. Homework Equations [/B] ##I_{in} = I_{out}## The Attempt at a Solution Solution in image. I am just not sure how they applied nodal analysis here to find that ##I_s = \frac{12}{12} +...
  47. S

    Nodal analysis with voltage source

    Homework Statement Use nodal analysis to calculate Va, Vb, and the currents IE1 and IE2 without using source conversions I have tried this many, many times, and I must be missing somethingHomework Equations [/B] The equations I came up with: VA-10/ 1.1 + VA/1.2 +VA-VB/1.4 = 0 VB+2/1.5 +...
  48. terryds

    Nodal Analysis Problem: Where Did I Go Wrong in Using the Superposition Method?

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a Solution [/B] At node B, ##i_s + 3 = i_2## ## 3 + 3 = i_2## ##i_2 = 6A## ##V_2 = i_2/R_2 = 3V## But, it seems that the answer is wrong. Using superposition method, the voltage is 4V Please tell me where I got wrong